About Us

Activity Boxes was created in January 2022. The online shop offers high quality activity products/books/materials for one time purchase or monthly subscriptions. 

Activity Boxes wants to help you to spend quality time with your loved ones or just yourself. Some time that you might feel happy and fullfilled. To create memories and bonding. 

Our very first brand in the website is EarlyLearny. More brands and new products are on the way!


Our Story

I'm Zeynep, mum of two girls, which are 17 months apart. My old daughter had lived her toddler years and young one had her babyhood during pandemic with restrictions, closures. no creches, no playgrounds, no playgroups ... You know the story.

We were at home all the time as a family, safe and secure luckily. But you know, what it means to stay at home all the time with 2 small kiddos. We had all the time together but on the other hand I was struggling to spend time with them due to all the house work, nappy changes, breastfeeding, cooking, snack times, baby weaning, different sleep routines, nap times ...etc . So most days I felt like not having enough time with my kids even we are at home all day. 

When I saw EarlyLearny then the light needed was switched on. As parents, we didn't need hours to spend quality time, we just needed to know what to do in short times without any preparation in advance. With all the guidance in the book and materials it was a complete box. Some days my younger daughter can play only 10 minutes at one sitting so we played only 1 or 2 pages from the book each time. We played together like this a couple of times during the month and we both loved the time we spent. She had fun and learned many things. I learned the developmental stages of my daughters and how to play together and teach her something like colours, songs .. etc

My older daughter on the other hand can sit and focus for 30 minutes. So we were able to finish the whole activities in the book in 1-2 days. She had more fun than any other activity books or toys. We were really having great, quality, fun and learning time together. 

It was also great for my husband. He learned a lot from the guidance in the book and spent great time with his daughters. 

EarlyLearny was great for bonding and memories. I could see the difference on their growth and development. Every activity in the book was focusing to a development or learning area. 

The books and materials might keep them busy even when I'm not around. They were repeating what we did together. So less screen time was another win for us. 

This is the story behind the idea of Activity Boxes. I know what it means to spend quality time with your loved ones or just by yourself. I wanted to make it easy to bring this idea to your life with boxes/books for different ages and hobbies.

EarlyLearny is the very first and beloved brand for now. We are looking for more brands to add our website which can bring joy to your life.